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Culinary Delights: Food Stops on the Pune to Shirdi Highway

Go through an adventure in the tastes of Maharashtra, starting from Pune and reaching Shirdi by hiring Pune to Shirdi Cab Service. The road will not lead you only to a sacred site but also to various kinds of food discovery. There are dhabas serving local delicacies and also modern restaurants that offer cuisines from across the world worth trying.

Vegetarian Delights:

Shree Saidatta Snacks Center (MH SH 27): Taste Maharashtra for fueling up your morning. The popular breakfast spot is renowned for vada pav, which is a crunchy potato patty snuggled in a soft bun smeared with spicy chutney. The zesty lentil curry known as misal pav is what they have in store for you that would give your morning the kick-off it needs.

Hotel Mahadev (Waki BK): Enjoy the original Misal Pav in this cosy snack bar. The misal pav from Hotel Mahadev which people are well known for with their own spice mix and aromatic smell is a must-try vegetarian cuisine if you want to have a local flavour.

Bhujbal Bandhu Hotel Super Shriraj (Pune-Nashik Highway): The restaurant is ideal for any family as it can satisfy different appetites. Their wide range of vegetarian and not-so-vegetarian menus includes Palak Paneer which is a creamy taste and Paneer Tikka Masala.

Smile Stone (Ahmednagar): Have an elegant and roomy contemporary dining. Smiled Stone has various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as Indian, Chinese and continental foods. It has plenty of seats in a cool environment making it ideal for an unforgettable meal experience.

Hotel Panchsheel Park (Ahmednagar): Hotel Panchsheel Park is a good pick for an extra bit of splendour. This is a popular fine-dining restaurant that provides traditional Indian dishes with high-quality services. Enjoy signature dishes such as Dal Makhani and Kaju curry made using fresh and premium ingredients.

Non-vegetarian Delights:

Darbar Mutton Khanaval (NH60): The flavours of Mughlai can be enjoyed at Darbar Mutton Khanaval. The famous Mutton Biryani is composed of layers of rice, mutton, and a mouth-watering arrangement of spices that blends deliciously in each morsel. Also, other Mughlai dishes such as Seekh Kebab and Butter Chicken are all enticing.

Hotel Jai Malhar Biryanis (NH60): Also, Hotel Jai Malhar is another favourite spot for biryani lovers who want to savour cheap and delicious biryani. Taste various flavours combined with soft steamed rice, tender meat and a mixture of fragrances.

Hotel Jay Tuljabhavani Mess (NH60): It is an affordable restaurant with a blend of vegetable and non-veged meals. However, their chicken curry as well as mutton keema is the most sought after, and not to be overlooked, they provide dal tadka as well as palak paneer for those who prefer a vegetarian meal.

Other Culinary Gems:

JJ Garden, Camp (Pune): Experience street food at JJ Garden. The vada pav, their most celebrated street food in Pune, is more memorable than any other experience.

Bedekar, Narayan Peth (Pune): This place is legendary and it features a specific dish, the Misal Pav. What made them unique is their own trademark spices and particular sweet savoury taste that has made them a favourite among both locals and tourists.

Datta Snacks (Khalapur): Travelers who enjoy visiting quick-service eateries often frequent this joint. Delicious Vada Pak and samosas are ideal bite-size treats as one goes along.

Beyond the Highway:

  • Shaniwar Wada: Visit the inner part of Pune and have a feel of the busy food market that is located in the ancient Shaniwar Wada fort area. Taste some sample local dishes like Misal Pav, Sabudana Khichdee, and Bhakarwadi and experience the lively street food culture of Maharashtra.
  • Alandi: Located near Pune, this town has a popular sweet called Puran Poli. End your visit’s culinary journey with this traditional flatbread filled with sweet lentil paste – a favourite of ours.

Tips for a Delicious Journey:

When selecting a restaurant, always keep in mind your budget and preference. They include affordable dhabas to expensive restaurants.

Search for restaurants where you will be assured of good hygiene and a clean environment for a secure and healthy meal.

Ensure that you enquire from the restaurant’s workers if there are any dietary restrictions in case of any.

Therefore, online reviews and recommendations may be useful when selecting a restaurant. To get a general picture of the food, service, and atmosphere, you can take advantage of read reviews and ratings.

Ensure that the number of breaks for the travel time is taken into consideration while planning how many food stops have to be made. Schedule your trip accordingly so as not to rush through your dinner.

Above all, sit back and revel in it. Enjoy your food trip!! Discover the unique flavours of Maharashtra and make unforgettable experiences during returns back to Shirdi to Pune cab.

  • Dhaba culture: When moving through the pathways, do not forget to feel the Indian dhaba atmosphere in itself. The dabbas are small eateries found along the roads giving an insight into the local people and their cuisines. Visit a dhaba for a simple but appetizing meal that bears the traditional flavours of Maharashtra.
  • Seasonal specialities: Many roadside restaurant makes use of seasonal menus. Discover seasonal delicacies and foods prepared with locally sourced produce.
  • Sweet treats: Indulge in mouth-watering local desserts after a sumptuous meal. One can try Puran Poli which is sweet flatbread enriched with lentil paste or Shreekhand – sweet yoghurt flavoured with Saffron and Cardamom.
  • Local markets: Be sure to go to local markets and bazaars for an authentic experience. There are fruits, spices, and other locally made food items which will enable you to enjoy the lively culture and tastes of Maharashtra.

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