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What Happens When You Slip And Fall In A Shopping Mall

Imagine you are out in the mall shopping with your friends and all of a sudden you fall on a wet floor! How embarrassing such moments are. Apart from the embarrassment, you might face a serious head or bone injury. If there was no indication nearby that the floor is wet, you can do a lot to counter the humiliation and pain you had to face. 

When you face a slip and fall attorney at a public place or private property, you can sue the owners to compensate for the pain and suffering you had to bear. If you are injured seriously and you lose your job or you have to take off from work for a long time, then you need a personal injury lawyer to help you out. 

Here is what you should know about slip and fall accidents at the private property such as a shopping mall. 

Personal Injury Law Protects Victims 

Personal injury law aims at protecting victims of accidents including, 

  • Slip and fall accidents 
  • Roadside accidents 
  • Workplace accidents, etc

When you face an injury at a private or public place because of someone’s negligence or fault, you can sue the person or company to compensate for your loss. An injury is not just physical pain. You have suffered from a traumatizing situation that may have put a strain on your monthly budget by giving you medical bills unexpectedly. Why should you pay for something that was not your fault? Let the guilty party pay the medical bills for you. 

You Need A Compelling Case 

Slip and fall accidents can make a case for you under personal injury law. However, you need a very professional lawyer to help you build a compelling case. Hire a lawyer wisely. You should look for someone who is an expert in slip and fall cases so that they can help you build an airtight case. 

Your lawyer will help you sue the guilty party and represent you furiously in court. Even if you have health insurance, sometimes insurance companies avoid paying the claim. Having a lawyer can help you get your rightful insurance claim. 

Your Loss Is Not Only Physical 

When you slip on a wet floor of a shopping mall and there are no clear indications that the floor is wet, you might have to face embarrassment in public and injury as well. Falling in public can be traumatizing for some people and may leave them with a psychological scar. 

Your medical bills might have gone high but that is not the only compensation you can seek. Apart from financial help, you can sue the guilty for a public apology. It all depends on how well you build a case. 

Summarizing The Above 

In a nutshell, you can sue the shopping mall owner or management to pay compensation for the humiliation you had to face due to their negligence. Your injury might have caused a lot of trouble and the responsible party should pay for your sufferings. 

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