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Were the Knights Templars Offspring of Atlantis?

The Knights Templars were a devout spiritual team that lived during the Middle Ages. They were Europeans who lived mainly in France as well as Spain, as well as they traveled to the Holy Land as a result of the crusades as well as aided protect numerous explorers as they traveled to Jerusalem. Thus, they were very spiritual and were seeking lots of knights templar shoulder boards as a number of us are today.

As some have read, the tale has it that Atlantis was a big continent in the middle of what is now the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlanteans were an extremely developed race, they had created much technology that goes beyond even what we have in today’s world. Several created psychic powers as well as abilities where they were able to among other points, heal the unwell and also control the weather.

Many in that society became extremely developed souls. Legends mention it was the abuse of those powers that at some point triggered their failure. Many catastrophes fell upon the island and also it at some point sank to the bottom of the sea.

Even staying in extremely rough problems as they would certainly have in Europe at the time, the descendants of Atlantis would have preserved several of the knowledge of their forefathers, and also being candidates of fact, it is just affordable some would have taken steps to advance their awareness. Hence the Knights Templar entered into being.

It is also thought the Templars located something important in The Temple Mount because upon going back to Europe from their initial checkout, they suddenly came to be very rich.

Lots of people preceded Columbus in seeing The Americas. There are records of Vikings as well as others making the short journey across the masonic emblems for sale to what is now North America. Quite perhaps the Knights Templars were as soon as such people. After many of them were slaughtered by the French pope, they escaped to Scotland, and also factors unidentified, it is even assumed some cruised across the Atlantic to what is currently upstate New York.

Could the Templars have offered America as well as hidden in woodland the real “secrets” they found in Jerusalem?

Some Indian tales state that site visitors from the east had buried something in the hills of upstate New York, the Indigenous Americans believed the invited site visitors were also Indians.

At the time Joseph Smith located the gold plates he established the Mormon faith on, several Indians in the area knew home plates, and also consequently communicated numerous legends worrying the site visitors that had buried them.

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