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Top 5 Best Tattoo Machine Frames

The tattoo machines frames are mostly made up of copper, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, or bronze. And the material used to make the frame matter most.

It affects the devices’ weight, indirectly the overall performance, because lighter machines are more convenient to use.

Now the question arises, does only the weight of the frame matter?

The answer is no. The build quality of the frame is also mattered with the low weight. Your frame will not last for a long time if the build quality is not durable.

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Best Tattoo Machine Frames

1. ITATOO Machine Frame 38MM (1.496IN) Height Plain Brass 8/32 Thread Whole Frames

This ITATOO Machine Frame is the best option for you if you are in search of the best tattoo frame for building your own tattoo machine.

It will last for a longer than an ordinary frame thanks to durable build quality, made up of high-quality brass. The material is too lightweight.

ITATOO Machine Frame is the cutting frame that comes with precise size, suitable for 32mm height coils with 1mm yoke, or 28mm height coils with 5mm yoke.

2. 5pcs Custom Tattoo Machine Frame Base

This is a complete packet of 4 custom tattoo machine frame bases. It will be the best frame base for you if you are building your own tattoo machine. It is suitable for standard 28mm coils.

When it comes to the tattoo frame, what matters most is the build quality, the build quality of this tattoo machine frame is outstanding, it is made up of high-quality carbon steel. The frame is ready for assembly.

3. 1PC 8/32 Shorty Plain Iron Tattoo Machine Frame

Don’t know why but this shorty plain iron tattoo machine frame is among the lowest selling tattoo machine frames on leading shopping websites.

We have kept it in our list because 2 world renewed tattoo artists have recommended us this frame, they are using it from last 1 year and super satisfied with it.

4. Tattoo Frames Tattoo Gun Parts Carbon Steel Frame

This YorkTattoo tattoo machine frame is suitable for 28mm height tattoo machine. I’m personally using it personally for the last 10 days, it’s quite good, lightweight and reliable.

5. Wormhole Tattoo Machine Frame

The coil groove and yoke of this tattoo machine is specially designed to improve the performance stability of the machine. It’s an 8/32 thread standard tattoo machine frame which is suitable for 1″1/4 tattoo coils.

Final Words

Those are the 5 best, top-rated, lightweight tattoo machine frames. You can purchase any of the above featured. We have personally tested all of them, they are amazing.

We hope this article on the best tattoo machine frames helped you. If the article is helpful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media.

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