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The Ultimate Guide to Shopify Accounting and Automation

Growing up can be hard. With growth comes growing pains and learning to adapt to new things all the time. Having the right support systems in place can make the transition easier. Your business is growing up, and instead of being worried about where this will take you, you should be excited that you’ve done so well and are ready to move up in the world. Payroll Services For Ecommerce Business UK is one of the support systems that can help your little baby-bird business out in the big world.

What is multichannel order management?

Multichannel order management is how retailers keep all of their order and inventory control from multiple sales channels under one umbrella. Multichannel order management solutions streamline ordering, fulfilment, shipping, pricing, warehouse management, and many other functionalities across selling channels, whether it’s online or offline.

The challenges of multichannel order management

Selling on multiple channels allows you to grab customers wherever they may be looking for a product. They may prefer one channel to another, and by being on multiple channels, you’ll be covering all of your bases. However, this approach creates a complex web when it comes to post-purchase business operations.

Inventory planning is essential when you’re selling across multiple channels.

Forecasting how much inventory you’ll need for each channel and when you need it can get troublesome. Overstock and you’ll be looking at excess inventory for a month. Understock and you might run out of product right when you need it most. Overselling can do huge damage to customer satisfaction.

More complexity in order fulfilment processes

Self Assessment Expert in London on spreadsheets, printing individual shipping labels, and simple, manual picking and packing probably cut it when you were just starting out and only selling on one channel.

Insights on channel performance

Data is the MVP of any ecommerce business. Unfortunately, having a selling presence on multiple channels can leave you with a pile of unorganized and scattered data. That’s before you add in extra complications like if you use drop shipping or Amazon FBA. With a fractured view of your business, it can be hard to pinpoint where you need to focus more time and attention. You won’t have a clear picture of how demand is changing or what’s selling well.

Key features you need in your multichannel order management system (OMS)

Native ecommerce integrations

Every multichannel management system worth its salt should be able to connect to all of the ecommerce channels you use, without the need for additional third-party integrations. Eliminating third-party integrations from the equation will reduce the chance of disconnection issues. A seamless connection will ensure a seamless workflow. Also, with native integrations that are developed and managed in house, you usually get better and faster support without a 3rd-party that stands in the middle.

Ecommerce integrations can also streamline the checkout process.

For example, merchants who use Square as a payment platform will need an OMS with a good integration with that platform. That way, they can manage square payments and refunds, all without leaving their central system.

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