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Rundown of the Very Best Features of macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura, released by Apple, is overflowing with new features that will blow your mind. If your Mac computer is compatible, go to System Settings > General > Software Update > Upgrade Now. Then, you have to enter the administrator password to install the new software and upgrade your system.

However, immediately after the update, you must prepare yourself to face some problems. For instance, macOS Ventura no Internet or Bluetooth, excessive battery drain, and slow performance are some commonly reported problems.

Now look at some top features of Ventura you must know about, and you can rest easy knowing these will enhance your Mac experience.

  • Continuity Camera

Although Mac’s in-built camera is not bad, your iPhone’s camera is much better. So when you are video calling your colleagues or friends from your Mac, you can use your phone’s camera and mic by bringing it close to your Mac. This is possible due to the Continuity Camera feature, which even supports portrait mode.

  • Stage Manager

One of the most remarkable features of Ventura is Stage Manager. This function helps you concentrate on your work by moving the current application or window to the middle of the screen and the other apps or windows to the side of the screen. The other apps and windows are left waiting on either the screen’s left or right side until you click them. When you click them, they will come to the center of the screen.

The feature can be enabled by going to the Control Center.

The Stage Manager feature is made fancier than it needs to be by Apple. The minimized windows are not flat, but they appear to have been rotated sixty degrees. Thanks to this perspective effect, they appear to be receding into the desktop.

  • Handoff in FaceTime

The handoff feature comes to FaceTime in Ventura, enabling users to begin a FaceTime call on one of their Apple devices and then continue the call to another device. But the device must be nearby.

So you can start a FaceTime call on your iPad or iPhone and then move the call to your Mac when you get back home or near your computer. You can also start the call on your Mac and move it to your iPad or iPhone.

  • Significant improvements to Mail

The Mail application has significant improvements with this new update. The app packs feature that used to be available in third-party applications. For instance, users can now recall messages during the first ten seconds after the message is sent. You can also mark messages with reminders, so you don’t miss important messages, and they reappear in your inbox at a time chosen by you.

Moreover, you can schedule messages to be sent at a later time. The app will also inform you if you have forgotten to attach an item to the message or missed to CC someone.

  • Passkeys

Thanks to Passkeys, you can now say goodbye to complicated and perishable passwords. These Passkeys are digital keys that are unique and encrypted. These are created with Touch ID that will stay on your phone or Mac and exchange data with remote websites when you wish to log in.

These can be used from the device where you have created them. Therefore, they cannot be stolen.

  • Enhancements to the Messages app

Improvements to the Messages application is a welcome changes. Now, the application allows you to unsend or edit a message you have sent for up to fifteen minutes. This ensures you don’t have to live with the regret of sending an incorrect message to someone. You can also add several collaborators to spreadsheets and documents by sending a single invitation, which will apply to everyone in the message thread.

  • Password suggestions on Safari

When it comes to creating strong passwords for websites and your accounts, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Different websites and accounts have different requirements for your password.

With the Ventura update, Safari will suggest a strong password when creating an account. Thanks to these recommendations, it makes it easier for you to come up with complicated passwords for your accounts. The passwords are also unique.

Apple has mentioned that password suggestions will get better with time. However, this feature still needs to be updated and time to develop.

Besides these, you can also benefit from the automatic FaceTime transcription function. This is particularly helpful when you are in the middle of a group chat, and you cannot follow what everyone is speaking. The transcription can be referred to later when you need to understand the conversation.

The bottom line

These are some incredible Ventura features you are missing out on if you still need to update your computer. First, check if your system is eligible, and then upgrade your device.

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