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How to Tell If a Tarot Card Reader is Legitimate

Tarot card reading dates back to the 14th-century, and today it’s more popular than ever, with nearly 11 million posts tagged #tarot on Instagram currently. An expert tarot card reader may have tens of thousands of followers with readings often given virtually as an alternative to in-person visits and other methods of self-reflection. 

After all, everyone needs some insight into confusing or challenging situations in their lives. While a therapist can help, the advice given by someone who is truly intuitive with psychic abilities can often be what’s really needed. The difficulty comes with finding a reader who is genuinely an expert because not all have the skill and talent, there are some who are simply con artists looking to make a buck. 

So how can you tell if a tarot card reader is legitimate?

Trust Your Own Intuition 

When researching various tarot readers, trust your gut. You can usually get a good sense of how legitimate they are simply by exploring their website, reading their blog, and looking at their photo. It’s important to have a personal connection too, so if something feels “off,” pay attention to that and move on to someone else.

Reviews, Feedback, and Testimonials 

If the tarot reader is legitimate, he or she should have no problem sharing client testimonials and feedback. You should also do some digging for reviews on your own with a Google search. While you can ask friends who’ve used tarot readers to make a recommendation, keep in mind that one that’s good for them won’t necessarily be good for you.

Certifications and Experience

There are some tarot readers who choose to become certified, such as “Certified Tarot Master,” but it’s not something that’s required, so a legitimate tarot reader won’t always be certified. What may be more important is their level of experience. How long have they been doing readings, and what other skills do they have? Do they teach others?

A Code of Ethics

An ethical tarot reader will have their own Code of Ethics, such as not reading for children or not reading on medical issues. While there is one standard set of codes, a reader that has given thought to this is a good sign that they are professional.

Sample Reading

The only real way to know if a tarot reader is right for you is to get a sample reading, which will at least reveal how much of a personal connection you have, how they interpret the cards, the length of a typical reading, and style. Legitimate readers will always focus on the cards and not on who they are reading for. If they ask you questions, they’re gaining insight that will simply be fed right back to you. They will deliver messages from the cards that are pulled and share the meaning of the spread. If the messages shared are unsettling, the reader should know how to deliver them in a way that is not shocking or overwhelming. 

The problem is, not many readers are willing to do a sample, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Provided you’ve done your research as suggested, you might have to bite the bullet the first time, paying for a reading to determine if that’s someone you’ll want to return to.

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