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How to Install a Distributed Antenna System

You can improve the strength of signal in your wireless network with the help of a distributed antenna Enterprise System. This will help you to ensure uninterrupted service and productivity. The most popular and reliable solution for this problem is the distributed antenna system. With today’s world more inclined to the use of mobile phones for communication, a good antenna system is an essential part of your communication system. Read on to discover how to install a DAS in your building.

Active Distributed Antenna Systems

Obtain Premium Enterprise Wireless Solutions with Active Distributed Antenna Systems is the way to go for a wide range of coverage and indoor connectivity needs. Active DAS consists of small, wireless antennas placed throughout a facility, stadium, or other public space. These antennas are connected to the radios via coaxial or fiber optic cables, which help boost signal reception. The active 5G-ready DAS can be used to cover the entire spectrum of commercial cellular bands and CBRS for private networks.

An Active DAS is capable of providing premium coverage and range. These antenna systems are commonly used in medium to large-scale buildings where network connectivity is needed but cannot be guaranteed. A Distributed Antenna System is used when onsite generated RF signals are inadequate. However, repeaters are not a suitable solution for larger installations, and they only support a few antennas. In addition, their output power is relatively small compared to the power that a Distributed Antenna System can produce.

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) use passive components and bi-directional amplifiers to amplify the signal and send it to a network of broadcast antennas. These systems are available in various sizes and can cover 5,000 to 100,000 square feet of space. Passive DAS can also be used in multiple buildings with multiple transmitters and receivers. The amplifier units can be placed anywhere within a building, providing a coverage area for any space.

A distributed antenna system is a network of radio antennas placed in a large building. The antennas are connected to a central processing point, also known as a signal repeater. The system provides additional network coverage and capacity in venues that have high demand. Passive DAS is typically used indoors. However, it is possible to deploy this technology outdoors as well. These systems can be used for public safety systems, as well.

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