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How to adjust the cat eye glasses so they do not fall off?


Those of us who wear eyeglasses like cat eye glasses know how uncomfortable it is when they slip, wear them crooked, or feel loose. Although the vast majority of adjustment problems are caused by use, it is essential to take into account, from the moment of choosing the frame, that the glasses we are choosing are suitable for our face.

The first step for a good fit: glasses suitable for our face, as they should fit us.

To avoid that from the first day of wearing it, our glasses are poorly adjusted and begin to be uncomfortable, we must take into account the following:

– In the case of prescription frames, the bridge must fit the shape of the nose without leaving any gap, except in the case of a horseshoe or key bridge, which must have a gap in the upper area and be supported only down the sides of the nose.

– In the case of metallic glasses, the support system falls only on two points: the platelets.

– The rods must be curved according to the shape of the ear, resting on the temporal bone, except for those that are straight and wrapped around the head.

– The rod should not press on the temples, ideally there should be a small separation, without becoming too wide. The angle between the front and rod is 90º.

However, despite wearing the right eyeglasses for instance cat eye glasses, there can always be small imbalances, whether due to use, bad habits, poor treatment, accidents that may have occurred, or even facial asymmetries… If this happens, it is essential to go to your trusted optician to fit them with the right tools.

There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube on how to readjust your yourself at home without having to go to an optical center. But, we advise against following these practices because the glasses need to be manipulated with the necessary instruments.

For example, we have found thousands of videos using hair dryers or boiling water to heat the temples so that they can be fitted to the ear. But these are very scattered heat sources and higher than recommended and can damage the material, deforming it or even splitting it.

– If the only thing your glasses need is to tighten a screw, you can do it yourself at home with the help of a specific screwdriver

What daily habits should we avoid so that your cat eye glasses are not misadjusted?

– Always put them on and take them off with both hands. We usually have a bad habit of doing it with one hand (right-handers with the right and left-handers with the left).

– Do not put them on your head as a “headband”. Both temples will be open and the goggle will end up slipping when you put them in place.

– When cleaning them we usually take it from the opposite ring, which causes the bridge to be pressed and it ends up splitting. It will be better to take them by the same ring of the lens that we are going to clean.

– If you don’t use the glasses all day, when you don’t need them, store them in their case to avoid unwanted knocks. A very common accident is sitting on top of them.

– Avoid falling asleep with them. It is one of the most common mistakes we make. In this way, the glasses suffer considerable imbalances that can end in breakage.

When should I go to the optician to adjust my glasses?

– When you notice that they slip. It will be enough with a small adjustment of the rods so that they are fixed in the correct place again. They must be well fixed at the highest point of our nose. This way we will be looking right through the optical center of the lenses and we will avoid prismatic effects. A centering error would be damaging our vision.

– When the rods are wide open. The correct position of the temples is forming an angle of 90º with respect to the front of the eye glasses.

– When you notice that the rods are loose. This adjustment is one of the few that could be done at home without having to go to an optician.

– With the help of a screwdriver suitable for eyeglass including cat eye glasses, tighten the screws located on the top or bottom of the glasses depending on where the screw head is located.

– Adjust the hinges so they don’t wobble but are not too tight to allow the rods to open and close without exerting force or pressure. With this little tweak, you will notice improvement.

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