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Granite vs. Quartz: Which Countertop Material Should You Choose?

Deciding on a countertop should be a careful process. Appearances are a big part of the equation, but you also need to consider factors like durability and maintenance. This is especially true when deciding between granite and quartz for your countertop. Both materials can look similar, but there are important differences between their physical characteristics.

The Finish

Just like elsewhere, granite countertops Wilmington normally have a high-polished shine. This is because they are finished with a sealer, which helps keep stains from sinking into what is actually a very porous type of stone. The finish will have to be refreshed on a regular basis, not only to preserve its glossy beauty, but to maintain its stain-repellent properties.

Quartz countertops are made from engineered stone. That means that it is actually made from a combination of ground-up rock, resin, and sometimes, dyes. The resin in the quartz makes the countertop non-porous, so it needs no special sealing. This is a lower-maintenance option.

Heat Resistance

Since granite countertops are solid stone, they are sometimes known for their heat resistance. Some even say that you can put a hot pan right on them. However, the true heat resistance of a granite countertop will depend on its finish rather than the stone beneath. Some finishes will be fine with high heat, while others may scorch or melt. Check with the manufacturer or seller to be sure.

With quartz, there is no heat resistance benefit. The resins in quartz kitchen countertops Wilmington will scorch if exposed to high heat. Make sure you use a trivet, or better yet, just keep hot pans off of these counters entirely.

Increased Home Resale Value

Granite and quartz countertops are both high-end options, and either will impress potential buyers in the event of a home sale. Of course, to get the best effect, the countertops must look great. Be sure to refinish granite on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, if not more often. Clean up any marks right before the house is shown, as well.

Are Granite and Quartz Environmentally-Friendly?

While every manufacturing process has at least a bit of an environmental footprint, both granite and quartz are easy on the Earth.

  • Granite is quarried as slabs, and requires only more cutting to get it to the right size to make countertops. However, it needs to be finished, which involves the use of some chemicals.
  • Quartz is made of ground-up scraps from other projects that used quartz. This saves the scraps from being thrown away, and eliminates the need to dig more quarries. However, it is held together by resin, so it isn’t 100% natural.

Which type of countertops Wilmington you choose should take your needs into account as well as the appearance. Will you be happier with the heat resistance of granite or the stain resistance of quartz? That all depends on how you expect to use your countertop. Both types are among the best countertops Wilmington has to offer, and will enhance your home for decades to come.

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