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Exclusive New Year Cakes from Chocolaty to make your 2023 Special

Numerous cultures have observed the New Year with rituals dating back thousands of years. The New Year is traditionally a time for reflection on the past year and anticipation of the opportunities presented by the coming year. The New Year is also viewed as a time of rejuvenation and a clean slate in many cultures. It’s an opportunity to take stock of the last 12 months, rejoice in what we’ve accomplished, and look ahead with excitement to what the coming year may offer. Thus, the best thing to celebrate your new year especially in the time of COVID rising again is through ordering cakes and treats online. Know about the exclusive new year cakes and treats from Chocolaty through this article.

Supreme KitKat Cake

A sweet treat known as a Supreme KitKat Cake is constructed with alternating layers of cake and bars of the chocolate candy brand KitKat. The layers of the cake are often divided by pieces of crushed KitKat bars. The cake is typically constructed using either chocolate cake or chocolate devil’s food cake. After that, the top of the cake is covered with chocolate frosting and embellished with more crushed KitKat bars for decoration. Online Cake Order Mumbai can help you get supreme KitKat cake delivered to your doorstep without you having to worry about anything.

Pinata Chocolate Cake

A pinata chocolate cake is a type of chocolate cake that, if cut open, reveals a surprise assortment of sweets or other delights hidden inside. It draws its name from an old-timey party game played in Mexico, in which a papier-mache or clay container is used as a base, and then it is hung from a high point with a variety of little toys and candies inside of it. The partygoers take turns swinging a stick or a bat at the pinata in an effort to bust it open and get the candies and other prizes that are contained within.

Chocolate Pull me up Cake

A chocolate pull me up cake, also called a chocolate tugboat cake or a chocolate slide cake, is a specific kind of chocolate cake that is filled with a smooth and decadent chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate shavings. Other names for this cake include a chocolate slide cake and a chocolate tugboat cake. When you cut into the cake, the ganache filling “pulls” or “tugs” on the cake layers, giving the cake its namesake “pulling” or “tugging” appellation.

Heart Shaped Truffle Photo Cake

A chocolate cake in the shape of a heart that is adorned with a photograph or image and chocolate truffles is called a heart-shaped truffle photo cake. The cake is often prepared in a pan shaped like a heart, and it is generally covered with chocolate ganache or icing. The photograph or image is printed on edible paper and then set on top of the icing. Following this step, the cake is topped with chocolate truffles either along the perimeter of the photograph or directly on top of it. This type of cake is ideal for surprise parties. In fact, to surprise your loved one, you can have a Midnight Cake Delivery in Mumbai.


In Conclusion, Cakes play a key role in a variety of different festivities and special occasions, and they are frequently employed to denote significant events or milestones in the lives of individuals. Cakes may be seen as a representation of celebration, joy, and community, and they are frequently at the heart of the merriment that surrounds them. Cakes may also be used as a means of expressing affection and gratitude for another person, whether it’s a birthday cake for a loved one or a cake to say “thank you” to a friend or coworker. They have the potential to be an endearing and considerate act that contributes to the formation of a sense of community and connection.

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