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Everything You Need to Know About Temperature Controlled and RV Storage Facility

Customers typically consider Temperature Controlled Storage Facility to be traditional self-storage services. The idea is to guard against harm and shield their belongings from changes in humidity and temperature. Many facilities started to provide this option, sometimes known as temperature-controlled or climate-controlled, as an extra service when it was introduced and understood by the first generation of self-storage customers decades ago.

Owners of expensive toys like boats and RVs should consider the advantages of temperature-controlled storage when making their storage decisions. Before deciding to offer temperature control at your boat or rv storage facility, there are a few things to contemplate.

Why would a renter want RV and boat storage that is temperature-controlled?

Extreme temperatures and weather can seriously harm a customer’s investment. The best environment for loading and unloading is one that is cozy. It’s crucial being the owner of the storage facility to persuade customers that temperature-controlled units—which almost certainly cost more—are well worth the extra money. It is your responsibility to inform the clients of the reasons. Stated differently, you should provide your audience with the following facts.

  • Climate, UV rays, hail, wind, and ice are all factors in a vehicle’s wear and tear:
  • Rubber seals, plastic components, and tires can all become non-functional when exposed.
  • On metal components like brakes, rotors, and body panels rust can spread quickly.
  • Batteries may become damaged by the extreme weather and stop working as intended. Heat will cause battery fluid to evaporate, and cold may cause it to freeze. These two extremes could leave clients stranded during a day trip or vacation, put them in danger, and force them to buy new batteries.
  • Paint on fiberglass, plastic, and aluminum can oxidize, which will lead to fading and damage over time.
  • The dash, upholstery, and other interior components may sustain damage from prolonged heat and intense sunshine.
  • Humidity can impact one’s health, result in expensive restorations, and cause harm.
  • Moisture is drawn to mattresses, carpets, and linens. The incorrect setting will encourage the formation of mold and mildew as well as a musty odor.
  • Corrosion can harm electronics, including TVs, control panels, and small appliances.
  • Mold spores may be seen on the dashboard, chrome, and interior walls.
  • User health needs to be taken into account as well. Allergies and respiratory problems may arise when mold is present.

how is the temperature managed?

A storage facility’s temperature management system functions similarly to your home’s heating and air conditioning system. The HVAC systems are divided into several groups. To ensure that the HVAC system you choose can be modified to address the heating, cooling, and moisture problems at your particular site, you’ll need to conduct some study. Recommendations made by a knowledgeable contractor can be appropriate for your climate.

Required Temperature and humidity

Storage facilities are often advised to keep their temperature between 55 and 78 degrees. To protect customers’ toy vehicles from harm, the ideal humidity range is 3% to 50%.

Finally, take regional location into account when designing your project. Recruit a development team with experience that includes a reliable HVAC contractor. Renters who wish to maintain their toys in perfect condition must have access to temperature-controlled facilities. It implies more money upfront for you while developing your product, but the payoff is substantial!

Bottom Line

Investing in an RV, boat, and toy storage facility is a huge decision and oftentimes requires a trusted advisor with decades of experience and knowledge. Whether you’re thinking about building a new facility or adding RV, boat, and toy storage to your existing storage business rv storage facility will help you get there right.

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