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Engaging Summer Math: Easy, Hands On & FUN Ideas

A time for vacations and catching fireflies, trips to the pool and firing up the grill. While there are probably endless images and activities that come to mind when you think of summer, I’m willing to bet that doing math just isn’t one of them.

But the truth is, for most students, summer is a time when all the important math skills they worked so hard to learn throughout the year are completely lost. In addition to summer math camps, here are some SUPER simple summer math activities that will keep your kids from being bored (and keep them learning!).

Fun and Simple Summer Math Activities:

Read through the different types of ideas below to find some summer math activities that are right for your kids. There are ideas for games and puzzles that won’t even feel like learning, along with outdoor games, hands on activities, simple printable pages and more!

Play with Math Puzzles:

  • Work on Sudoku puzzles. Kids too young for them? Check out Kidoku Puzzles | Krazy Dad
  • Try Magic Squares or a Magic Triangle | What Do We Do All Day
  • Play with these Pattern Block Logic Puzzles
  • Challenge each other to Mental Math Races
  • Create Jumping Mazes (inside or outside!)

Take Math Outside:

  • Have an even and odd number beanbag toss
  • Practice important skills with Water Balloon Math | No Time for Flash Cards
  • Make a hula hoop clock to review time related problems | Creekside Learning
  • Build 3D shapes with sticks | Creative Star Learning
  • Play Marshmallow Shoot and Measure | No Time for Flash Cards
  • Have a shapes scavenger hunt (Want more of a challenge? Look for 3D shapes instead!)
  • Play Sidewalk Chalk Number Line Race

Learn Math with LEGO:

  • Work on place value with LEGO | The Science Kiddo
  • Explore addition & subtraction with LEGO
  • Explore multiplication & division with LEGO
  • Build a rocket powered Lego car | Frugal Fun 4 Boys
  • Play LEGO Baseball (and discuss statistics!) | Teach Mama
  • Practice double digit addition and subtraction | Real Life at Home

Play Math Games:

  • Incorporate math into family game night with  Sum Swamp , Hi Ho Cherry-O, Monopoly Junior, or if you have older ones, here’s another list of games | Planet Smarty Pants
  • Play with a Calculator (hint: NOT to do math calculations) or try these fun calculator riddles | And Next Comes L
  • Play Strike it Out for adding and subtracting fun | Teach Mama
  • Play Math Twister to review any and all math facts
  • Use this simple game to review any math facts (all you need is a piece of paper!)
  • Let the kids “play store” with their favorite books or toys to practice adding money and making change (Here’s a great Play Money Set)
  • Use a Hundred’s Chart

Math Around the House Ideas:

  • Create a STEAM Bored Jar for activities throughout the summer |  Left Brain Craft Brain
  • Explore summer STEM Ideas specifically for middle school
  • Practice counting with watermelon seeds (or other fruits)
  • Have a weekly estimation jar challenge using small toys, balls or household items (encourage your kids to make educated guesses and work on estimating techniques)

Reviewing important math skills doesn’t have to be boring, time-consuming or expensive! Use items you already have on hand, grab some books at the library or make up fun games to play outside to encourage young learners to keep thinking and problem solving all summer long!

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