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Customs Clearance in UAE by Al Nowras Logistics

If you’re looking for the best Customs Clearance in UAE services, you’ve come to the right place. We have a proven track record, and our logistics centers span the globe, so we’ll make sure your shipping process goes as smoothly as possible. And as a private company, we guarantee competitive prices and excellent service.

Provides door-to-door service

The team of professionals at Al Nowras has extensive experience in the maritime industry, and they’re dedicated to exceeding client expectations. With more than 200 trucks and dedicated account managers, they can handle any shipping requirement. With 24/7 customer service, they provide a high-quality service at competitive prices.

Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance has offices in Salalah and Wajajah and offers comprehensive transport logistics services throughout the GCC. They will work closely with customers to clear customs and ensure their shipments arrive at their destination without any delays. Customs clearance is a time-consuming and tedious process, and Al Nowras can take care of it.

With offices in the UAE and GCC, Al Nowras Logistics has the experience to deliver shipments quickly and efficiently. Their team of dedicated account managers work around the clock to ensure timely delivery and minimize customer service issues. Additionally, the company boasts of an extensive network of partners to ensure fast, accurate delivery.

Has a proven track record

The team at Al Nowras Logistics is dedicated to providing the best possible service to customers. With offices throughout the Middle East and GCC, they are fully equipped to handle air and sea freight. They offer personalized service and 24 hour customer support to ensure that your shipment is delivered on time.

The company’s extensive network of contacts in the UAE and GCC region allows them to provide a door-to-door service. They also have a dedicated account manager and round-the-clock customer support to help you with any logistics needs. Whether you need a courier service or a customs clearance service, Al Nowras Logistics can help you with all your shipping needs.

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The company also provides customized door-to-door services throughout the Sultanate. The company’s modern fleet of over 200 trucks offers 24/7 customer support.

Has a network of logistics centers across the world

Al Nowras Logistics offers comprehensive logistics services, from local delivery to international transportation. With more than two decades in the business, the company has a team that has the experience and expertise to handle everything from small shipments to complex logistics projects. They offer air freight, sea freight, and land freight management. You can trust them to get your goods where they need to go on time, whether it is to the next continent or back to the UAE.

Al Nowras Logistics is one of the largest logistics companies in the GCC and is well-established in the Sultanate. Their team of experienced drivers and dedicated account managers provide excellent customer support to ensure your needs are met. Their 24-hour customer support team is available to assist customers around the clock.

Al Nowras Transport & Custom Clearance provides comprehensive customs clearance services to clients in the Sultanate of Oman and the GCC. With offices in Salalah, Khatmat Malha, and Wadi Al Jizzi, Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance is fully equipped to handle your cargo at all points of origin and destination. Their team of experienced and professional agents ensures your cargo arrives safely and without any delays.

Offers warehousing and storage

Al Nowras Logistics is a privately owned logistics company with thirteen years of experience in the maritime industry. Their professional team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. They have an extensive network of partners across the GCC region and are available round the clock. They have the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of a shipment, from warehousing to customs clearance.

In order to fulfill their customers’ logistical requirements, Al Fares Cargo offers a full staff of technicians and professional workers who are skilled at handling a variety of cargo types and shipments. They also have a fleet of vehicles that can handle sensitive consumption goods and deliver to various locations throughout the UAE. The company’s storage services include organized storage, maintenance, control, collection, and registration, and they also use transport techniques to protect and prevent damage to goods.

Customs clearance is an essential step in the freight shipping process. Both imports and exports are subject to different rules and regulations. In the case of exports, the seller is responsible for customs clearance while the buyer is responsible for the process of import.

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