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Amazons policy for GTIN code

For a business or a person selling products and services through the Amazon marketplaces around the globe, it is important to get aware of the rules and regulations which Amazon is setting or bringing changes to the existing ones. Having a transit in the economy of the world, Amazon aims towards the best possible ways of doing business not only to bring ease to the working strategies but also to provide security to the resellers and manufacturers of products.

The changes which were made by Amazon regarding the UPC codes maintain the businesses of both Amazon and sellers on Amazon in the best possible way. Most of the sellers are not clear of what the policy regarding the UPC is and how to apply for Amazon GTIN exemption from having the UPC codes asked by Amazon during the process of adding the inventory. Below are the features of the policies which are provided by Amazon in case of listing new products to the inventory for selling.

Verification against the provided UPC– Sellers are asked to provide the UPC codes at the initial stage of adding any new product or adding a variation of an existing product. The sellers are required to provide a product identification code, which is used by Amazon to identify the product and maintain the record of the product available and sold.

The product code which is provided to Amazon is checked for its authenticity by checking the database of the code provider. If the code is available in the database, the product is added to the inventory, but if the code is not available in the database of the provider agency, then the listing is not approved.

Identification code to buy from GS1 only– Amazon recommends getting the UPC code directly from the GS1 and not from third parties. To get the code from the GS1, just visit the official website of GS1 and apply for UPC or GTIN code for your product. You would be asked to make payment against each UPC you would be ordering for. This is because once you enter the UPC code while adding that product, Amazon will access the database of GS1 and check if the code is available or not. It might be possible that while getting the code from a third party, the information against the code might be wrong or missing, for which Amazon will not approve your listings to get live.

Get GTIN or UPC code for each and every variation you would be selling– If you are selling a product, which has variations of color, size, and, or design, you need to get codes for each variation as Amazon will consider each variated product different from another. The reason behind this policy is that if you are going to add ten different variations of a single product type, and a buyer orders a specific variation should be delivered with the exact product which would be ordered by Amazon. For this reason, there should be as many codes available as are the product variations.




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