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3 High Income Skills You Should Learn in 2022

We live in a fast-paced world, where we dream big, have a long list of needs, and want to accomplish more. We all are willing to put in the work needed to stay ahead and earn big sums of money. However, despite all our hard work and determination, we still struggle with earning sufficiently. It’s not that some low-paying jobs are innately worse than the more lucrative ones. The bitter truth here is that some skills draw much better remuneration than others. These are known as high-income skills in the corporate world.

High-income skills are the ones that attract premium pay because of their desirable nature. Developing these abilities will only increase an individual’s earning potential and improve their financial situation.

As per research by LinkedIn Learning in 2019, the key motivators people had for acquiring high-income skills were to satisfy curiosity (46%), to earn more money (58%), and to improve at a job (75%). In some sectors, like manufacturing, technology, and financial services, growth is surpassing the availability of the labor force.

To remain desirable and competitive in today’s corporate environment, it is important to stay current on the skills that are most sought-after at the moment. In this article, we have put together a list of high-income skills that can help you earn more in 2022. Read on to find out what they are!

Search Engine Optimization

To stay ahead in today’s digital-first world, businesses need to have a strong online presence. Companies need to create well-designed websites, provide relevant information about their products or services, and invest in their digital footprint. Regardless of the size of a business and its industry, it must rank high on the SERPs for keywords relevant to its business type.

SEO is the process of fine-tuning the content and structure of your website in a way that caters to search engine algorithms. The best practices for popular search engines are always changing, so SEO is a competitive and ever-evolving field. Not only is it a highly sought-after and high-income skill, but it also opens up many opportunities for starting your own business or working as a freelancer.


Software Development

Given that we rely so much on computers and smartphones, it is not surprising that software development has now become one of the most desirable skills. Developers work tirelessly to create computer software, mobile apps, and more. Some also create front-end interfaces and work on web development.

If you want to earn more, being a software developer can help you do just that. Be it working as a freelancer on small projects or developing games and apps for larger companies, you have a wide array of opportunities to explore in this field.


Copywriting is a vital part of digital marketing. It is a specialized form of marketing that aims to provide potential customers with relevant information. The goal of a copywriter is to create brand awareness among the target audience and motivate them to take a specific action. This action can be making a purchase, filling out a form, or getting the customers to subscribe to the mailing list.

Copywriters can take multiple routes. You can take the freelancing route, or choose to work in-house for a marketing agency. Like search engine optimization, copywriting also gives you a lot of freedom to work on your own schedule and terms.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have shared the top high-income skills to learn in 2022, it is time for you to pick the one that you want to pursue. We all gravitate towards a certain field. If you are a strong writer, consider pursuing copywriting. If you are good at coding, software development may be your calling.

In case, you lack the basic skill set to pursue a particular field, consider subscribing to a learning platform. You can take up courses that will allow you to progress in a field. However, make sure you have a reliable internet connection in place like the one offered by Windstream Communications, to learn new skills via the online learning platforms.

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