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Home Food The best halal food in Japan is much preferred.

The best halal food in Japan is much preferred.

Do you know what irritates me once I travel? Being a vegan and not finding an honest restaurant to satisfy my growling stomach and being a Muslim having to seek out Halal Food Japan may be a big task in itself. once I visited Japan, I had no idea I’d find vegan restaurants so easily and finding halal restaurants in Japan maybe a piece of cake nowadays since the govt has announced Muslim-friendly policies. All I had to try to do was an easy Google search on the super-fast internet in Japan and there was an enormous list of Halal Vegetarian restaurants in Japan. Out of the various choices, I found these three the simplest. plow ahead and skim my reviews on these famous Halal restaurants in Japan.

Bejita Hamamatsu

Bejita Cafe offers rice and vegetable which is beneficial for health. to ensure nourishment and health, they’re specific about the cooking process. There are regular dishes, for instance, the Month-to-month Special Kobachi platter” and additionally treats not using ingredients like white sugar, eggs, a foodstuff. This restaurant also features a Kid’s play area and little shops that sell Dry Fish Online Shopping from known sources. the general ambiance is extremely good and therefore the food served is fresh and mouth-watering.

Recommended Dishes: Café Latte, Apple Pie, and Monthly Plate.


This restaurant serves delicious, healthy, and natural vegan meals by utilizing precisely chosen ingredients that stimulate your body while putting your brain comfortable. They serve BENTO box snacks and cooked food for removal.  The simplest thing is that they offer “meat taste-alike” dishes that utilization millet, dried food, and vegetables as different options for fish, eggs, or ground meat, and straightforward side dishes and delicious desserts. it’s highly recommended that one makes a previous reservation since this restaurant is usually bustling with diners. It also makes sure that they need enough food prepared because the sole drawback of this restaurant is that they stop taking orders once the food and boxes finish.

Recommended Dishes: Agemono and seasonal cake.

Café Magnolia

Cafe Magnolia is situated in Tamagawa-Cho, Imabari City (Ehime prefecture) with wonderful views of the countryside and scenery. The dishes are prepared with natural wheat, rice and beans vegetables, and kelp for four seasons. The owner, Rumiko SEO may be a very decent and welcoming woman. She has traveled and eaten all around the globe amid her exchanging organization days. Trial Kayoko who lived within the U.S. for an extended time is additionally a co-owner and is glad to welcome diners.


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