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10 Online Review Statistics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Online reviews either build your business or ruin it. In today’s digital scenario, your business must stay on top of reviews to engage customers with no fuss. Nowadays, millennials consider going through reviews before they make a thought-out purchase. The reason why, each marketer should be aware of statistics of the positive and negative reviews online that can benefit or harm their businesses in the long run. You can contact a near-me online review management service if you need one right now.

Facebook, Yelp, Google, G2, and Trip Advisor are just a name a few sites where you can find online reviews on businesses irrespective of niches provided unanimously.

So, if you don’t know why your business should have a pull of reviews online and how online review statistics can make or break your business, this blog can be your help.

Why Marketers Should Be Aware of Online Review Statistics?

Undoubtedly, online reviews are an unavoidable part of online businesses agreed upon by several SEO agencies like SK Web World. Based on these agencies’ suggestions we derived these 10 statistics of online reviews that every marketer pays attention to outranking competitors.

Let’s dig in…

  1. Customers Get Influenced by Positive/Negative Reviews  

According to a reliable source, 99.9% of customers consider reading reviews when they take a service or purchase online. Among these customers, 96% look for negative reviews to justify their decision before shopping.

  1. Customers Take Reviews as Recommendations from Family/Friends

Yes, you heard it right. Customers consider reviews like personal recommendations from their loved ones, friends, and family. Though, they don’t leave any stone unturned to check the validity/authenticity of reviews via personal research.

  1. More Reviews Indicate Better Online Repute

According to a reliable source, over 60% of customers believe that the more reviews a business/service/product receives the more it seems easier to decide for customers to purchase or let go.

  1. Customer Trust Reviews Rather than Counting on Advertising

According to a survey, 84% of millennials don’t like to count on conventional advertising. Rather they look for reviews online before making a purchase.

  1. Customers Prefer Reviews Made By Strangers

A BrightLocal study found that over 70% of customers count on positive reviews online that are made by random customers or you can say, strangers.

  1. Shoppers Look for Reviews on Smartphones – Outside of the In-Store Website

Being a marketer/business person if you think that shoppers only count on the reviews published on your website, you are mistaken. According to an OuterBox survey, 8 out of 10 customers look for reviews on their smartphones and find out what other customers say about the products they are selling in-store.

  1. Minimum Acceptance of Review Rating stars

When customers are in a fix to take or not to take services/products online, they check on the number of star ratings. Businesses that have a star rating lower than 3.3 might in the verge of losing valuable customers.

  1. Job Seekers Equally Prioritise Online Reviews

If you are an employer and you are looking for out-of-the-box talents for your firm, make sure your firm has got a margin of reviews online. You would be surprised to know that similar to customers, job seekers also prioritize reviews on your business and ratings before applying for the job.

  1. Businesses Should Have a Minimum of 100+ Reviews

Customers also believe that a business of repute online must have 100+ reviews.

  1. Customers Filter Online Reviews for Better Understanding

Customers count on rating filters to sort reviews and find out what falls within their standards and preferences.

On a simple note,

Online reviews have bridged the gap between customers and businesses. Reviews are like social proof to all of the customers who shop online. And, if you are a marketer who wants maximum eyes to business, start working on online reputation management from today.

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